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IR2 Interview Manila Philippines

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  • IR2 Interview Manila Philippines


    My US Citizen husband petitioned my 3 kids. Their interview is set for February 9. Can my parents attend/ accompany my kids at the embassy since i am already here in the US? My parents do not have legal guardianship of the children.
    Filing from Alexandria, VA USC Married to b2
    02/15/19 Package Delivered thru FedEx
    02/21/19 Case Notice Date
    02/25/19Received texts accepted at NBC
    02/27/19 Both checks encashed
    02/28/19 Received 4 NOAs in mail
    03/01/19 Received Biometrics Appointment
    03/14/19 Biometrics completed status updated to Fingerprint review was completed
    03/20/19 Case is Ready to Schedule for Interview
    08/19/19 EAD/ AP approved
    08/24/19 Combo card in hand
    08/26/19 Updated SS card in hand