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Can we do VAC at Hyderabad and Consular appointments at Mumbai for Class B medical?

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  • Can we do VAC at Hyderabad and Consular appointments at Mumbai for Class B medical?


    My parents live in Hyderabad. My mother had to undergo sputum test. The results came back negative.

    As per instructions from NVC, I scheduled an appointment through ustraveldocs. At the time I did not know that Biometrics VAC appointment had to be taken again before the consular appointment. I assumed I was booking appointment for consular only.

    First I tried to select Hyderabad VAC but though it shows available on the calendar after clicking it gives an error of no appointments available. So I picked a date at Mumbai VAC (thinking it is for consular appointment as Mumbai VAC and Consulate offices are in the same building). After selecting a date Jun 25 and clicking continue it automatically refreshed to July calendar with no option to edit location or go back to June, so I thought June 25th slots got filled up and clicked July 3. When I clicked continue, it automatically confirmed the appointment and I see 2 appointments for VAC and Consular in Mumbai now. It is difficult for my parents to travel two times to Mumbai in one week gap, they are close to 80 years old.

    Is it possible to have the VAC appointment at Hyderabad VAC and the consular appointment in Mumbai? Should I cancel and rebook choosing Hyderabad VAC and will the consular appointment directly get picked for Mumbai (choice of second date is not allowing choice/change of location)?

    I am hesitating to cancel because currently only few dates are available on the calendar until July 7th. Not sure if more dates will open up. NVC informed that my mother's medical reports expire on Aug 24th.

    Can someone please guide me. Appreciate quick response on this as the time is limited.