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I need help please.

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  • I need help please.

    Hi there,

    I need help, for those who have ever got interview for I-485 Initial Interview based on Asylee. What's the officer usually do and ask during the interview session? Make me very very nerveous and can't sleep day and night after received those mail. I submit my I-485 application after 2 years granted based on asylum.

    I know it's kind of weird, so rare (almost never) for those who file I-485 based on asylee have to go for interview. But I didn't know why, I received a mail from USCIS, required me to attend an initial interview. Plus they send me a check list of evidence that I have to bring during interview, but I have submit all of those evidence without missing any documents of what they requested.

    On the other hand, I never do any crime and no black list in my life story. And my medical check up was clean and disease free. It's really confuse me.
    Again, I need help and answer asap regarding this case.

    Thank you!

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    See if you can make contact with a community from the same country as you. There probably will be people in the same situation and they may be able to recommend someone who can provide legal counsel and representation during the interview.

    These interviews can be tough/tricky and I think legal representation would be your best avenue to pursue. The community may have this service available for free.
    Not legal advice.