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Looking for a good offshore development company

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  • Looking for a good offshore development company

    I'm looking for a good offshore development company for my project, I have a great mobile app project. What offshore company of developers could you recommend for a long-term project?

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    Offshore outsourcing is the practice of hiring an external organization to perform some business functions in a country other than the one where the products or services are actually developed or manufactured. There are many companies provide which are doing offshore & outsourcing process. It is becoming very effective in the international market. I'll only talking from my personal experience. You should do a LOT of research before any dealing. Try to get a more clear picture of behind the scenes by trying to communicate directly with the developers instead of the managers, almost everyone can understand English. I worked with developers from Eastern Europe, more precisely from Ukraine.If you think which company is best to choose
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      Looking for a good offshore development company

      you have an alternative selection of options available to pick best of best, but remember to select those who are really helpful not just cow cheater.
      For first mover advantage, you can choose who moves which innovation and creativity. So this offshore development Company can help you.


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        If you are still interested in software development company I suggest you read this article about offshoring developers.
        Just to give you a few benefits of such model of collaboration:
        1. In most cases, it's cheaper (there are a lot of offshore development providers in countries of Eastern Europe (Ukraine an example) where salaries are lower than in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, etc
        2. High-quality of the services The provider of the offshore development will give guarantees for your project, you wouldn't worry about NDA and other additional questions.


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          Hey! So yeah that's a great possibility to save money working with professional company what can organize it.
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            It all depends on the budget you possess. But if you would love to outsource or outstaff the best option is to choose eastern Europe. There are several countries (Ukraine, Bulgaria) that excel in it talents. You can check how much does a programmer cost, the page is quite informative. The main benefit of outsourcing in eastern europe is that developers there are highly-qualified and do not ask a fortune for their services. They actually cost thrice as less as western European ones, but the skills are same or sometimes even better. And they specialize on various development types
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              oh, dude, there'll be a long way before you find a good software development company. Here're some tips from me:
              you shouldn't start development in US, they've got really high rates
              Indian software has the best prices, but quality - it's a question
              European countries and some Asian (Singapore etc.) are more preferable. They've got a perfect knowledge of English moreover they've got awesome rates

              But if your budget is unlimited - you should hire an in-house team, of course
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              mobile software development services https://www.cleveroad.com/services


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                Maybe it'll be too late to answer this question but anyway)
                You should read a lot of articles to understand what you should check before hiring outsourcing company.
                I'll list the major features to check:
                1.Online references
                2.Client’s testimonials
                3.Company’s SMM activity
                4.Candidate requirements
                5.Company documentation
                6.Trial period/Pilot project
                7. Stable IT infrastructure

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                  I thought that the thread was about a software development company, but anyway. For anything that is related to IT it's better to hire offshore software development company ukraine just because it's an IT center now. The main advantages are the talent of people there and a low price.
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