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Passport typo in CGI Federal Application.

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  • Passport typo in CGI Federal Application.


    I have filled DS160 form and information provided there is correct.

    Proceeding further, I filled CGI portal application and paid the fees as well.

    However later I realized, that on CGI portal my passport has a typo mistake.

    I called the help desk and they asked me to proceed for interview and let them inform about this.

    Did anyone face similar issue before, and what was ur experience? Any response would be highly appreciated.

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    If you have discovered a typo or error in your passport information on a CGI Federal application, it is important to take the necessary steps to correct it. Here's what you can do:
    Contact CGI Federal: Reach out to CGI Federal, the entity responsible for processing passport applications, to inform them about the typo or error. They may provide guidance on the specific steps to take to rectify the issue.
    Gather supporting documentation: Prepare any supporting documents that can validate the correct information. This may include your original passport, birth certificate, driver's license, or any other official identification documents.​​


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      I don't have a similar issue, but if you've noticed a typo mistake follow the advice given by the help desk and proceed with your interview as scheduled. Inform the interview officer about the typo mistake in your passport information during the interview.