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renunciation before first june2010

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  • renunciation before first june2010

    I have got US citizenship in 2008. And got the OCI and same time my Indian Passport was stamped (passport canceled as holder has acquired us citizenship). When i look at http://www.in.ckgs.us/renunciation/r...june2010.shtml
    It says

    (If your Indian passport has just a 'Cancelled' stamp, it does not mean you have renounced your Indian Citizenship. The stamp must say "Cancelled due to acquiring foreign nationality". )

    But does not says that if one has the stamp, then that stamp will act as the ( proof of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship )

    It seems the CKGS do not like providing clear information.

    I understand from /indian-citizenship-renunciation-certificate/
    that (You do not need a surrender certificate. )

    So the question is

    when the CKGS asks (they have banner running every where), for the Proof of Renunciation, the copy of the page that has the stamp will act as the certificate or something else need to be done.