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OCI Application for Minor Section 32 Signature

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  • OCI Application for Minor Section 32 Signature

    Section 32 of OCI Application form looks like below picture. Whose name should be write in field number 1? Who should sign in field number 4? There is so much conflicting information on the internet it is very confusing. Can someone please clearly answer the above questions?
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    I am the one who created this thread. I have the clear answer. I just spoke to CKGS customer service and got the information. I want to document that in a clear way that way in future if someone is confused by this question they have a clear answer.

    Field 1: One of the parents name should be written here. Either Father's or Mother's name.
    Field 2: That day date
    Field 3: Place
    Field 4: Thumb impression of the Minor (if less than 5) or Signature of the Minor (5 or older than 5).
    Field 5: Name of the minor
    Field 6: That day date
    Field 7: Father signature
    Field 8: Mother signature

    Few more answers I got from ckgs representative:

    Question: Do we need to notarize PARTB of the New OCI Application and PART B of the New OCI Miscellaneous Services application (I submitted two applications for 2 of my sons)?
    Answer: Only for those documents that Notarized is mentioned in the checklist needs to be notarized. It is not mentioned in the checklist that OCI Application has to be notarized so it need NOT be notarized. I did not.

    Question: My second son is 5 years old. His full name is big. He had to sign on multiple documents in the box which is small. So he wrote his name in two lines within the box. Is that ok? (For this question ckgs put on hold and spoke to other senior members of his team)
    Answer: It is ok. What is best is all signatures should match. That is the signature that is uploaded to the Government of India website and all signed should match.
    (One other thing the ckgs guy told me is my son for signing could have just written his first name. Looks like that is enough. I made my son write the whole name. See with confusion we try to over do things. Next time I will have my kid write his first name for signature. Signature can be anything. You should be able to just repeat it.)

    Question: I was also submitting a OCI Miscellaneous Service Application for my second son. The barcode that we need to print and stick it on the envelop says "New OCI Application". I expected it to say: "New OCI Miscellaneous Services Application". Is the barcode valid?
    Answer: Yes it is.

    Question: I am using paper clips to group documents. Is that ok?
    Answer: Yes that is ok.

    Some of the questions I asked may sound silly or obvious but what can I do, anytime I am doing paperwork related to immigration I have all kinds of doubts.

    Hope this helps somebody!!
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