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OCI holders and VISA requirements for Travel.

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  • OCI holders and VISA requirements for Travel.

    Hello All.

    I would like to find out if anyone knows a bit more information on the status of OCI in respect to travelling to neigbhouring countries like Nepal and Bhutan.

    I would like to find out if say for example:

    A person has an OCI sticker in a foreign passport and is given a registration booklet as well. Can this person as he or she is now a dual citizen of both India by virtue of his OCI booklet and sticker on his foreign passport, travel to Nepal and Bhutan without a Visa as is current norm with Indian Citizens?

    Is the Indian Govt. bamboozling people about OCI and its merits which is only a Permanent Residency stamp rather than the so called benefits of being referred to as an Overseas Indian Citizenship?

    My argument is that if one is recognised as a Dual Citizen of India and a foreign country then there should be travel benefits given to such Citizens as well. I can fully understand the fear amongst Indian Lawmakers about NRIs and PIOs and OCIs taking up Government positions or buying land and voting rights but why is the legislation so discriminatory when it comes to freedom to travel to SAARC countries without a need for a Visa, when its not needed by Indian Citizens.

    A person of Indian origin when he or she becomes an OCI should be able to get the same travel benefits as Indian citizens. The Indian Govt. needs to address this issue.
    I would like to hear about anyones ideas, comments or experiences on this note.