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Help with Indian passport renewal (NRI) - how to deal with addresses?

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  • Help with Indian passport renewal (NRI) - how to deal with addresses?

    Hello All. I am trying to have my passport renewed quickly and am following the steps on the CKGS website. When I get to the govt. of India website for filling forms, I encounter a couple of things I find really confusing:

    1. It asks for address to be printed on passport (& other address). I have been assuming that address to be printed is the so-called permanent address in India (that I have on my current passport). This is what I conclude from several internet searches. The problem is that the form entries expect to match exactly with what is on my current passport - I assume this will be compared by some software. The current passport address is too long to be entered on the new online form due to whatever character limit they have. So, I cannot have an exact match. The online form seems to suggest that it will treat the matter as a change of address if there isn't an exact match, and that I should provide valid proof of this "new" Indian address! Does this make sense? If so, how should I provide this proof? I don't think I will have any valid documents, not having lived there in a very long time.

    2. The other option is that I can enter my USA address as printable address and enter some approximate version of Indian address under "other address". From what I can read online, this doesn't seem to be the right thing to do.

    3. The spouse name question is also confusing. On CKGS's website, I selected married and asked for spouse name to neither be added nor deleted (current passport doesn't have any spouse name). The govt. of India website, however, asks spouse name in the form somewhere as mandatory, as I had selected married. Does this have any implications? Will it cause a mismatch with what I selected at CKGS?


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    Just giving my opinion.....

    For #1 address, use your parent's or brother/sister address where you would go when you go to India. Many of H1s who lived in US for a while don't have a base in India. But to me, it is better to find an address that you could relate to. Someone there who can say they know you. Many of us who never had a owned a house/apartment in India would call the rented house as a permanent house. Just cut it short how much ever it fits. Don't worry if it matches 100%.

    #2 - don't do this. (don't ask me why - it is just my opinion)

    #3 - CKGS version and Govt. of India versions are different. Keep them matching as much as possible. Use your best judgment.