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YES, you can apply for an Indian E-Visa without renunciation - Read Below

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  • YES, you can apply for an Indian E-Visa without renunciation - Read Below

    I was successfull in getting an E-visa (i specifically requested for 1 yr only) after confirming with CKGS, Indian Consulate & MEA, so hope the below helps all others in a similar position

    - Evisa is also meant for those who need to travel to India and have not yet had the chance to renounce their Indian Passport and apply for OCI.
    - It is illegal to travel on an indian passport after you have obtained a US passport.
    - There are many agents / **** websites out there, so go to any Indian consulate website and click on the link for E-Visa. I have pasted the link here (https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/)
    - The photo upload (< 1MB) and passport page scan (< 300KB) must meet the size requirements or else you won't be able to complete the process.
    - The application process is very easy and will take 15-20 mins.
    - The application has a section for current passport details and "any other valid passports / travel documents". If you have not yet renounced your indian passport and it is still valid, then you must enter the details here. This will not adversely affect your application.
    - The application also has a section for "Previous Visa / Current Visa" where it asks: "Have you ever visited India". Just click NO if you previously held an indian passport
    - Major credit cards and Paypal are accepted as forms of payment (when you submit the application)

    - Once you submit, you will receive an Application ID and and an email. Save this information as it is needed to check status
    - Once the application is approved, you will receive an email. Do not print this email as it is not valid for travel.
    - You must log back in to the same website, click on application status, verify your credentials and print the ETA letter from there. This letter will have your picture, a QR code + Bar code that will be used by immigration when you reach india.
    - There is no need to take your indian passport with you during the trip (and not advisable). Instead, just take a copy of the first and last page as reference (if asked by Immigration).
    The only exception is if you plan on completing the renunciation process in India using the passport seva