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OCI image upload keeps going back to upload page

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  • OCI image upload keeps going back to upload page

    I am in the process of re-issue of OCI for new passport for my son and stuck at the photo upload page. I've tried various resolutions withing the specified pixel range all within the file size limits. When I click on the choose file option and pick the file it get the message "Applicant photo which you have selected is as per instructions. If you want to change then click crop button and drag the white selected area or else can directly upload the original image." same for signature but when I hit the "Upload" button it goes through the upload process as reported by the browseer and then takes me back to the same upload page (shows options for choosing file). Tried firefox and chrome and same results. I tried starting over using the temporary file number and going back to upload with the same results for the last 3 hours. If you've had success uploading pictures let me know how you got past it. BTW, I am not getting any errors, it just keeps taking me to the same upload page after uploading. Very frustrating, appreciate any pointers.

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    Yeah, getting same error for last 10 hours. Emailed them at helpdesk-oci[at] but no response yet. Frustrating!


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      Fixed now