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OCI Minor Application - Parents Legal Status

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  • OCI Minor Application - Parents Legal Status

    I recently applied for my daughter OCI card based on our Indian citizenship. All requested documentation were submitted to CKGS Houston in support to process the application. On receipt, the application was put On Hold indicating “Incomplete Document”.

    Reason: A copy of the applicants Mothers Legal Status in the USA is required. Please provide any ONE from the below list:∙ Copy of Permanent Resident Card (both sides) OR∙ Employment authorization card OR∙ Copy of page showing H1/H4 or L1/L2 or F1/F2 or J1/J2 etc. You can ship the copy to your CKGS office.

    My wife is on H4 visa which has expired in Dec ’19. An extension to H4 status was initiated in Nov ’19 and a copy of the USCIS receipt notice I797C was included in the original package to CKGS to provide proof of mother’s legal status. There are no other form of valid documents that can show mothers legal presence in the US till the application is processed by USCIS. I did include my approved H1B petition (I797A) to prove my legal status. I dont think I am the only or the first family in this scenario.

    Anyone face the situation or can provide some guidance on how to handle this?