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Updating new passport details for minor OCI card

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  • Updating new passport details for minor OCI card

    I have updated my kids new passport details for existing OCI card. I see the application status shows as acknowledged but I have not received any confirmation email. I have also not received my kids old US passport. My family is traveling to India in a few days, can they travel with valid OCI card and new US passport? Any restrictions with entry to India?

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    Per what the DC Embassy folks told me when our confirmation of the passport updates was delayed, was that you can fly once you upload the information. You also do NOT need the old passport. BUT. If you have it, I would strongly recommend you carry the old and the new passports.

    I am assuming your child's old passport is with the US Passport folks. It shows up in a separate package in about a week after the new one shows up.

    If you get the old one on time, do carry it with you. If not, it depends on the babus at the airport. I went through Mumbai and nobody on my flight was asked to provide the old passport. We had several different families going to Ahmedabad and they all only were asked for the OCI and the new passport.

    I had asked as I had left my old passport in the bank locker and flew on Sunday and could not retreive my old passport. I did have a photocopy of the old passport and the OCI page but I did not have to produce them at all.


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      Thank you for the update. This is super helpful