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Notarized affidavit in lieu of originals

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  • Notarized affidavit in lieu of originals

    I filled up the online OCI application at OCI Services and preparing to send the documents by mail as per this checklist. One of the checklist items says this.

    Is this really necessary? It is a hassle to schedule an appointment with a notary public and get so many documents notarized

    Has anyone been successfully in getting a new OCI application approved without this?


    A notarized affidavit needs to be submitted that the documents in support of the OCI application are true copies of the original documents, where only copies are being provided​

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    Notarize only that form, not all the copies of originals. Notarize if any other specific form/copy has to be notarized, not all documents.


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      The confusing part is that the instructions on the OCI registration form doesn't mention notarization. Only the VFS Global checklist does.

      Any personal experiences?


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        It is confusing for sure. OCI registration needs the information filled out online and the copies uploaded.

        The VFS does the verification - Follow the instructions in the checklist.


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          The checklist says to send copies of naturalization certificate, Indian passport, surrender certificate, etc.

          I read somewhere else that we need to send original documents and they will be mailed back with the OCI booklet.

          Which one is correct? I'm uncomfortable sending original documents.