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Name Change in India

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  • Name Change in India

    Hello Sir/Madam, I am a citizen of India.I have been through name change procedure in Official Gazette of India after which i had my passport issued with my new name.
    Recently i got married and its been 2 years since my spouse applied for green card. The issue is with my birth certificate (which has old name) which is needed while applying for my green card. It would be very helpful if you could kindly provide details w.r.t:
    1.Can Official Gazette of India be used as a supporting document to use my new name wherever applicable in USA?So can it be used as a supporting document to my birth certificate while applying for green card?
    2.In case my green card is kept on hold due to above said issues will my spouse's green card too be kept on hold???

    Kindly reply.
    Thank you.

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    Hi, I am have same same scenario as you due to name change. Was the Gazette sufficient in your case as proof of name change?

    Thank you in Advance