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    I have a question regarding the passport validity .

    I am scheduling a US visa appointment in vancouver for change of status from H1 to H4 .one of the required documents to take to the visa interview is passport .my passport expires on 7th october 2020.(considering indian passport dd/mm/yyyy format) . Would i need to get a renewal before i step out of the country for the visa appointment.

    I got confused after reading this statement which said- " The passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the period of stay in the united states"

    Does this mean i need a renewal before my visa appointment ?

    thanks for the help!

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    1. India is part of the 6-month club, which means an Indian passport only needs to be valid until the end of the period of stay.
    2. What the rule means is that when entering the US, CBP will put an admit-until date on the I-94 that is no later than 6 months before the passport's expiration (or, for passports in the 6-month club, like Indian passports, they will put an admit-until date on the I-94 that is no later than the passport's expiration)

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.