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Passport renewal - CKGS contract ending

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  • Passport renewal - CKGS contract ending


    This is terrible luck. I'm applying for renewal right now. I'm a student. There are three problems.

    1. The CKGS is ending its contract on 31st October
    2. The CKGS shipping is not available. You have to send documents using your own shipping. This is extremely unreliable.
    3. The walk-ins are obviously cancelled even for Tatkal.

    My passport expires in April 2021. I would like to hear from people in the same situation as me and what they are planning to do. Also, if there is advice from experienced people, please let me know.

    I'm incredibly anxious and any help would be welcome.


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    I am in a similar situation as well. It looks like we will need to do it via a different service. They have. contract with VFS starting from Nov 2.

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      My passport expires in Dec 2020. I am triple terrible luck then you. I am filling up application and sending it via UPS Prepaid label option before Oct 16. I am confused though, in process. I don't have AWB number and I want to complete application tonight. Any body know if after submition of application and payment, can we come back and provide AWB number ?


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        Hi explorer1
        I just submitted by application and sent by UPS express envelope today. To answer your question, yes you can come back and update your AWB number.
        I agree quite a few things were confusing and I took my friend's help who completed the same process last month.
        CKGS have removed the shipping label option and you have to use your own prepaid labels.
        I created UPS Next Day Label for onward shipping and for return label, I went with 2 day Air (Signature Required).
        You can try using promo code "EASY" on UPS which gives 40% off. The UPS website UI is quite frustrating so bear with it.
        For notarizing the documents, I went to Chase Bank and they did it for free.
        Let me know if anyone has more questions and I will be happy to help.