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OCI Fee for in person appointment

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  • OCI Fee for in person appointment

    Thank you for reading this post and sharing your experience.

    I have recently applied for New OCI cards for my kids and have an upcoming appointment scheduled at the nearest VFS office (Washington DC). I was able to pay the VFS fees for the appointment and courier etc (~$35), however not sure if the actual application fee for a new OCI card (~$304) can be paid through card/cash during the appointment. Has anyone paid the fees during an appointment recently? (I read VFS is not opening packages for 2-3 days as a precautionary measure to avoid the virus - will they touch the cash )

    I appreciate any advice/insights.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Hello, How did yours go? Could you please share in detail.

    I just booked an appointment and VFS charged $16.46 for appointment fees. Do they accept the fees during the appointment?

    For my baby , having hard time getting right pic ...he keeps smiling so his mouth is not closed :-) so not sure if they will accept.