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Issue with Mother's name in my passport

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  • Issue with Mother's name in my passport

    Hi folks,
    I needed some help with my passport and documents. My mother's name in all my documents including my passport is her nickname XYZ, whereas in all her/ my father's official documents it is ABC ie her official name.

    While applying for VISA to US/Canada do I need provide her name same as the one mentioned in my passport ie XYZ or do I need to mention her official name ABC?
    I'm trying to get it corrected in my passport currently.

    I only have one affidavit which proves that ABC & XYZ are the names of the same person. Don't have any other document for it.
    Also if I don't change her name in my passport ie keep it XYZ only then will I ever be able to call her to foreign country as a dependent?
    Any ideas if affidavit/gazette for name change is considered valid outside India?

    Are highschool marksheet really needed anywhere ie 10th/12th marksheets?

    Please let me know your thoughts.‚Äč