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Confused between H1B applcn and Aust PR : Kidney Transplant done 7 y back.

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  • Confused between H1B applcn and Aust PR : Kidney Transplant done 7 y back.


    I am bit confused between applying H1B visa and Australian PR specially when I am kidney transplant patient.
    Kindly suggest what should I do?

    Present Scenario :

    1. Working in IT field for last 7 years with 'OK' package.
    2. I am a kidney transplant patient. Transplant happened 7 ys back. No issue now. Fit and healthy but need to visit Dr on 4-5 months frequency(general checkup) and take continuous medications.
    3. Want to shift overseas either US(H1B) or Australia (as PR). Is it a bad idea?
    4. Did little research on gov medical support- Both US and Aus. Australia seems to have good Medical support for PR(Permanent Resident), US there are some but could not find specific thread dealing with my case.


    5. Which country - US or Australia or any other (please advise) - would be good for me considering my medical conditions(that is first priority ) and coverage support (insurance , doctor, medical support) ?
    6. Should I stay in India?
    7. If US, what are the chances of getting H1b (Kindly keep in mind about my adverse medical condition )? Will I be denied of VISA on my medical ground? I read somewhere in this forum , so asked this question.
    8. If US VISA is granted, is there any medical policy that will cover my pre-existing disease even after certain period? What would be cost per annum?
    9. Will my US employer medical policy cover this pre-existing disease?

    If US is not FIT for my case then

    10 . Is Australia a good fit to move/relocate?
    11. Will I be granted PR considering adverse medical coverage?
    12. If Yes, Will I get medical coverage by Australian company?
    13. Can I get personal medical insurance? Will it be costly?

    Best Regards,