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    I am an international student enrolling for full time seeking one year insurance(renewable i possible).

    What would be a good insurance plan?

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    Please check Study USA at https://www.insubuy.com/internationa...lth-insurance/

    It meets all the requirements of USF.


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      I'd like you to complete the form requested by the USF and have it faxed to the student health insurance office. Please let me know when to start my monthly installments. I'd like to buy your policy for myself and my wife starting 01/August.


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        We can fill that form only once you purchase the insurance.

        If you want to pay month by month, then we will be able to fill the form indicating that you have insurance for 1 month.

        Once you purchase the insurance, please let us know so that we can fill the form for you.


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          I'll purchase your Student B policy for myself on August 1st.

          However, I was thinking of including my wife (coming to USA on F-2 visa) on that policy but I found out that this costs more than if she applies independently for a visitor policy.

          Could you explain to me the benefits of including her on my policy?


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            Study USA for your wife provides much better coverage compared to visitor policy. Study USA covers matenity if she gets pregnant after the effective date of the policy while visitor policy never covers.

            Also, other medical coverages are better such as $200,000/incident, only $10 copay for Dr. visit etc.

            Therefore, it is better to buy Study USA as well for your wife.

            But if you want more affordable alternative, certainly go with visitor policy.


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              what kind of visa do i need if i am from india?


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                If you do not have a green card, you need to apply for a study visa, but this requires confirmation from the university you have already been accepted to. For the admission campaign, you will need to write some assignments - land then you will be given confirmation of admission or rejection of your application to the university.
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                  There are 4 categories of health plans: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. These categories show how you and your plan allocate costs. Plan categories have nothing to do with the quality of care. Which one is best is up to you, but also don't forget that you will need to study well in college and be assigned to read a lot of literature and then review it.