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University of Kentucky - J visa insurance

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  • University of Kentucky - J visa insurance

    Hi, My wife and I are J-1 and J-2 visa holders arriving in the US on 4/4/17 where I will be working for University of Kentucky. I am searching for a health insurance plan from 4/4/17 to 4/15/17, or 1 month (whichever is possible) that meets both Department of State and University of Kentucky regulations. In particular, I am not finding a policy that meets University of Kentucky regulations, which I have included below. I was wondering if you could help me with this? Minimum Benefit Requirements ? University of Kentucky 1. Unlimited coverage per Injury or Sickness. 2. Unlimited coverage for essential benefits, including hospitalizations, doctor services, prescription drugs, rehabilitation and mental health services, pregnancy, and newborn care. A complete list of essential benefits can be found at: https://www.healthcare.gov/coverage/...e-plans-cover/. 3. Coverage for preventative care at 100% in network including immunizations, physicals exams/screenings, and birth control. A complete list of preventive services can be found at: http://www.healthcare.gov/news/facts...ices-list.html. 4. 80% of medical expenses must be paid by the company. 5. Covered Expenses related to pregnancy. 6. Pre-existing Conditions cannot be excluded for any Covered Persons. 7. The issuing company must have a phone contact within the United States. 8. Proof of coverage must be provided in English and U.S. currency only. 9. $10,000 coverage for medical evacuation (medical evacuation provides transportation to your home country in the event of a medical emergency). 10. $10,000 coverage for repatriation (repatriation provides transportation to your home country in the event of death).

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    Thank you for contacting Insubuy for your insurance needs.

    Unfortunately, there are not plan available that would meet these requirements. It is recommended that you purchase insurance from your school.
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