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    We are a young family visiting USA for 6 months under the J nonimmigrant visa program.

    Few questions:

    1. What is the difference between Atlas American and Atlas Premium America policies? There was difference in co-insurance previously but this is no longer the case? Did online comparison on insubuy and could not find a difference.

    2. Which policy has good cover for early maternity check up as we are at stage of planning for a second child and this may occur whilst we are in USA.

    Thank you.

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    The main differences between Atlas America and Atlas Premium America are going to be with the benefits listed under Travel. The Premium version of the plan has higher coverage for Trip Interruption, Loss of checked luggage, AD&D benefits, and emergency reunion benefits. Please see this link: https://www.insubuy.com/compare/atla...ica-insurance/

    Those 2 plans do not provide any coverage for early maternity check ups or maternity in general, only a benefit for complications of pregnancy up to 26 weeks.

    Once you run a quote through our J1 link, you can then at the top of the page use the Narrow Search button and state Maternity Coverage Required and then update. It will the show only the plans that include some type of maternity coverage. However, all plans that do show available will offer different benefits and coverage levels for maternity, so you will want to review what each plan offers through that plans Benefit Link. Also, on all plans, the pregnancy would have to start after the effective date of the policy for there to be any coverage.

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