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Passport not authenticated at DMV

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    same problem here as the newly issued EAD (Employment Authorizations Document) would not scan at the local DMV. Applied for a California ID with an EAD in Palm Springs, CA on December 21, 2015 but the scanner would not scan the card.


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      I might have a solution

      I went to DMV in Carmichael near Sacramento last week Tuesday 04/12/2016. I had an appointment. I brought my I94 the passport at the SSN as requested. The gentleman from DMV told me, that all 4 machines could not read the ethiopian passport, so he said he need to make a secondary check or we would to have to renew the passport. Actually the passport is from 06/2015.... He said, if I want I could do the registration, but I would not receive an authorization...

      So I told him thanks and left without any action. I found some comments online and not really a helping answer in the internet. The DMV hotline was really not friendly with me, they said, that this is not their problem, if I cannot supply the required documents. (But I did?!?!)

      So I called a lawyer, he said nothing which he can do. So I said, it means I am broke as I cannot work without a car....

      I went then on friday to the DMV in Davis without appointment. I explained the situation to the gentleman there. He said, he couldn't believe that and he never heard about something like this as my documents are complete. So he signed me up for the license on the normal official way and I am working on my license now, which i hope I will get in a couple of weeks, if I do not fail at the driving test 😅

      I hope this helps some of you, make sure they don't send your documents for the secondary check and try another (small) DMV


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        Originally posted by greatpan View Post
        Faced same problem at Santa Clara DMV with my India Passport renewed in Feb 2015.
        Is this problem solved for anyone ? If yes, how much time it took for it ?

        Thank you!
        hi i have got the same issue have you got solved with issue will it take long time??


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          DMV Unable to Authenticate Glossy Passport Page?

          Originally posted by shashank99129` View Post
          hi i have got the same issue have you got solved with issue will it take long time??
          Today I was at the DMV with a friend. He had a somewhat new passport with a glossy main page that would not scan at 2 different SF Bay area DMV offices. He had an older passport that was still valid but the main page was not glossy. The DMV was able to scan the older passport but not the newer passport. The DMV was able to use the old passport because it had not expired yet.

          Because DHS (Immigration) is able to scan the new passport on arrival, I suspect that the scanners used by the California DMV are having problems with the glossy page from some countries. It would be interesting to hear if other people who have had their passport rejected also have a glossy main page. Good luck!


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            update as my CA ID finally arrived after 10 month. (applied in December 2015).

            Had an interview with a DMV investigator to check out my Green Card, Passport etc at the local DVM office. That interview was in early August 2016. The ID did not arrive until mid October of 2016. It took a few more calls and one more fax to get my ID issued.

            So if one of your documents don't scan at the DMV get ready for a very long wait. I was told initally that it can take up to 10 month to process it.

            Good luck to everyone who is stuck in a similar situation. You have to keep calling the Sacramento Office.
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              Originally posted by seb1 View Post
              i'm too having issue with Canadian Passport and yes, ended up losing 2 days of my life at the DMV in Santa Clara.
              the last time , they proposed the 2nd investigation, i declined, felt like criminal, plus no real time frame given when it will be processed.
              the intriguing part is that DMV updated their documents in June 2015 for authenticated Passports and most of our[ collective speaking] passports are on the list.
              you may check this out here:

              I made appoitment with USCIS to try to get the passport authenticated through them.
              my DMV appoitment is next week, so i hope i will get finally the dang DL and Calif ID.


              Hi Seb,

              I am running into the same problems now. Just like to check if USCIS could resolve the issue ? or does renewing an existing passport going to solve the problem ?



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                What is the normal official way?


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                  same happened to me too

                  Same thing happened to me too, and i do notice a pattern here based on the comments, most people encountered this at the santa clara dmv. I am going to a different dmv tomorrow to see if anything works.


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                    I have the same problem with Employment Authorization Document. When I applied for ID, they said to give a call to investigative services, which I did - they confirmed everything was fine and then sent a new ID right after. Now 2 months later, went again to Santa Monica DMV and they won't issue a drivers license due to same issue. I have no idea what is going on and it's really frustrating as I spent over 10 hours in two days in the line and didn't complete anything. Now they said to wait another 30 days for some kind of notice. What is that notice? What is wrong with my EAD? So frustrating.


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                      same problem at San Jose DLPC

                      I went to San Jose DLPC yesterday and had the same problem. I have a Chinese passport issued after 2008. Apparently if your passport has a glossy finish it won't scan. There was no alternative option except for secondary review. I might try another DMV.


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                        80 days ago, I met same problem at San Jose DLPC. They can not scan my passport and gave me a notice asked me to wait a further review. The notice mentioned I could contact (916)657-2274 if didn't hear from DMV in 60 days. I called this number several times but only got need to wait a couple of weeks. Today I was told to contact another number : (916)657-7445, this number is too hot to call.
                        One years ago, my passport could be read and I have passed the written test. I have to retest by some reason.
                        May DMV downgrade their system.


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                          same problem at Texas

                          I went to Texas DLPC yesterday and had the same problem. I have a Chinese passport issued after 2008. Apparently, if your passport has a glossy finish it won't scan. There was no alternative option except for a secondary review.