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Question on the health insurance....pls help

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  • Question on the health insurance....pls help

    I joined a new company recently leaving my previous employer, my previous employer didn't like it and when I left, I was not in good terms with them. My previous employer is trying to give me a hard time and trying to behave totally unprofessional. Since it is a small company they knew that my wife was pregnant at that time so they back dated my insurance dates and see to that I was not on insurance for a month. But my pay slip shows a deduction for medical insurance and the number of days I have worked for them. My insurance end date was 1 month less than the actual worked days with my employer. Actually the insurance at that time have paid everything and now they are saying there is some kind of error in the system and got back dated. So they are calling the doctors to refund the money they paid and have almost a month bill during that time.

    I left my previous employer on Oct 15th. But my insurance end date was Sep 15th since then it was back dated. But my salary slip says medical deduction is made for October month. I have a proof for this (Payslip)

    So, I am not sure what the legal thing here is? And want to know how to deal these kinds of things when someone does that.

    Just need some directions from you pls.

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    This is indeed something between you and your employer.
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