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Challenges for Family immigrating on GC

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  • Challenges for Family immigrating on GC


    I have a query (Rather set of queries)

    One of my close relative is moving from India to USA on family-GC (in special category A for nurses). They have kids appearing for 6th and 10th standard in India.

    I am trying to gather information for them so that they are better informed about all the upcoming challenges in getting settled in absolutely new place.

    1. How is the education system here? What all things to take care of while migrating kids from that education system to this education system? How much cost burden it might translate to(to understand the upcoming challenges better), particularly for the elder kid. Or should they let the elder kid to continue study in india and come here after 12th or bachelors?(ofcourse, while maintaining his GC status)

    2. My relative who is an architect/interior designer by profession in India. What kind of opportunity that he may consider here? Is there a website where a free technical/education equivalency evaluation can be done so that job opportunities can be seen on monster etc?
    Is there any certification(related to inspection/realEstate etc).

    3. Any other things to take care of while immigrating to this place.

    I am sure this list is not complete at all so please provide any useful information/link (listed or not listed above) which might be helpful.