Wife was born in Cornwall Ontario Canada, to US Citizen parents, who resided in Massena NY at the time of her birth. The Cornwall hospital was the closest, so like many other Massena residents, they went there to have their children. Unfortunately, my wife's parents never registered her birth with the US Consulate, so she never received a US Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or a Certificate of Citizenship. Now at 46 years old, she tried to get a US passport, as she "acquired" citizenship because of her US Citizen parents, however, since she does not have the certificate of citizenship, and only a Canadian Birth Certificate, her passport application was rejected. She has lived her entire life in the USA, as did her parents...she was ONLY born in Canada. Anyone else have experience figuring out how to resolve this situation so she can get a US Passport? Her parents are elderly, do not have very good memories or documents available to help her with, and we have no legal right to obtain their birth certificates of marriage certificate. Plus, NY state is the hardest it seems to get information from.

Anyone out there with experience with this, or suggestions? Forever grateful.