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  • Driving License Help Pls

    Hi, I am in the process of adjusting status to permenant residence, I have my interview for AOS on April 14th 2008. I am married to an USC for the past 7 and half years.
    I have received my EAD on 02/15/2008 and will be applying for my Social Security card tommorrow.
    My question is can I apply for my MO state drivers license or do I have to wait untill I become a lawful resident?
    Your help appreciated.

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    As long as ...

    ... you get your SSN and have the EAD with you, you should be able to apply.

    Take care.


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      Thank you Knowledgeable.

      If I may ask another question. On the web site for MO dept of Revenue it ask for prove of Lawful Presence to apply for a drivers license, what can I show them to satisfy this requirement?

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        Multiple documents - all together

        Social Security Card
        EAD card
        Receipt of your filings
        Lease of your place or deed if you own your house
        A letter from your employer is not required but will surely be helpful.
        Similarly your marriage license is not required, but will help.
        Utility bill
        Bank statement

        Check page two of the PDF file that lists the requirements for Missouri.
        Page three clearly shows that EAD and your passport will be acceptable.

        The idea is to establish your facts using multiple documents so they can cross reference them easily.

        Good luck.
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          Thank you once again for taking the time to answer my question, you've been most helpful.



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            Hi all, I went today to apply for my MO drivers license, I took all documents relating to my application for AOS to permanent residence, my EAD card, SSN card, passport, bank checks, utility bill, unfortunatly they cannot establish my current status and were unable to procede. They wanted something in writing establishing my current status....Has anyone else had the same problem getting a drivers license while awaiting for AOS?