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Name Mismatch in I94,SSN against passport

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  • Name Mismatch in I94,SSN against passport


    I have a very long name like ABCD as given name in my passport apart from my Last Name(surname).

    I have filled up my first name in SSN as D by which iam known by in my place.

    Now i am ineligible for DL or state id as my name in passport and SSN does not match

    Can you any one help me how i can get my name corrected in SSN

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    I had already replied for the same in another post whose link is as below:


    I have already discussed about the one way to change name in I-94 but regarding your name change in SSN is next once you will change your name in I-94....you have to go to court in your county and get the name change approval from judge which will be required by SSN in order to make any change in name...I am already going through this process and hence I know about this all...