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Wrong middle name on green card and SS id

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  • Wrong middle name on green card and SS id

    Hi everyone!

    So when I applied for my SS number here in the US the person assisted me told me that I should dropped my last name and keep my middle name. Example maiden name-Maria Santos Reyes (not my real name), so they made me dropped Reyes and kept Santos. So now my married name would be Maria Santos Smith. That name is in my SS, green card and all documents I have here in the US. I also just applied for the removal of my conditions on my green card last month. And today I went to renew my passport and was told that I can't dropped my last name and they want me to stick with the Reyes. So instead of Maria Santos Smith they want me to use Maria Reyes Smith. They told me I can't have it the way I have my name in my green card and ss. But I paid for the certification that will certify that I am the same person since I told them I will be visiting the Philippines. Now my question is how do I correct my middle name. Or any suggestion on what I can do to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.