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Renewing Drivers License in New Jersey whilst in AOS

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  • Renewing Drivers License in New Jersey whilst in AOS

    Hi All,
    Looking for advice, experience and suggestions.
    Has anyone had experience renewing NJ drivers license when I94 has expired but they are in AOS?
    My current divers license is valid for 10 days past my current I94 (mid November 2019) I am in AOS and have valid EAD / AP Combo, however this only provides 3 points on the 6 point verification and allows me to obtain a total of 5 (6 needed).
    Has any one experienced before, am I missing something ??
    Advice greatly appreciated

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    While there is no requirement that a nonimmigrant student maintain a stamped
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      Do you have a marriage certificate or school ID?

      This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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        When I first passed my driver's license. My father said he would buy me a car on credit. Back then, we didn't have a large amount of money on hand in the family, but the monthly income from our business would have covered all the costs of paying the monthly loan. Because of the global pandemic, our business has fallen as people have stopped traveling between countries. Then collectors began to come to us and began to assess the value of our property. My mom knows her rights well and we got rid of the debt collectors, so think twice before taking out a loan now.

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