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Applying for O1 visa and NIW-EB2

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  • Applying for O1 visa and NIW-EB2


    I have a little complicated issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm on my OPT that will expire on next January. I was planning to apply for green card through EB2-NIW by end of this month. But now I need to travel back to my country due to an urgent family issue. I can stay maximum until end of this year. I believe it's not possible to get the advance parole documents within the limited time that I have now (1 1/2 months). I am wondering whether applying to O1 is the best option for me now?

    I have completed more that 80% on my EB2-NIW application packet, is it possible to apply for both EB2-NIW and O1 simultaneously ? My intention is to request premium processioning on O1 application, so that I can travel in and out to US while my NIW-CP application pending (if O1 approved). I am currently employed and my employer is willing to file for O1.

    Thanks in-advance.