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Foreign Residency Requirement - Clarifications

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  • Foreign Residency Requirement - Clarifications

    Hello all,

    My wife is working in NY as a PostDoc in a university thru J1 VISA. To get in to US, she got a DS-2019 from the university which had Subject To FRR applied, but she was not able to get into US by then. So, after a month, university issued another DS-2019 with date changes which had Not Subjected to FRR applied. So, we are not sure whether FRR in ON/waived already to my wife; and we did checking with university.

    As we got a response from them (as they did check with USCIS), the letter says Subjected to FRR. Is it possible like this while we have current DS-2019 and current VISA with Not Subjected to FRR seal?

    Is there anything we can check or USCIS information is correct even we have current VISA with no FRR applied? Please throw some light here. Appreciate your replies.