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Do I qualify for EB1 EA

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  • Do I qualify for EB1 EA

    Please comment on my qualifications for EB1 EA

    1) Ph.D in Computer science from INDIA
    2) Post doc ( 1 year) from a Canadian Uty
    3) Four years of teaching experience in an INDIAN Uty ( Masters Level)
    4) Seven reseach publications in journals ( two in USA, rest in INDIAN JOURNALS)
    5) Two citations ( reputed USA journal, couple of in INDIA)
    6) Over 3 years of IT dev/research experience in USA
    7) currently at a lucent spinoff's R&D, lead position
    8) Got 10 ref letters already to commend on my work

    My company is doing it in EB1 OR. Am I elegible for EB1 EA ? . Please comment.

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    It seems you dont; you need a Nobel prize or equivalent, had designed or invented, created something new. However you will qualify for EB-2 NIW easily, give it a try, I got mine approved.



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      Two citations will make the orginal poster's case difficult for EA. Also, the problem with the original poster's credentials is that we don't know why his research is important enough that the US would suffer if he had to go through the regular LC process, an important criteria for NIW. If your company is sponsoring you for EB-1 OR, why do you want to go NIW?


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        EB1 EA qualifications

        I recently obtained my green card under EB1 EA. The idea is to prove that the person has at least 3 out of the 13 "extraordinary abilities" ( you can find the 13 abilities somewhere on the web, I am sure. It has things like: "International acclaim", "Substantial national acclaim", "Very high salary", "Outstanding reputation among peers", "Documented abilities in public media", "Special prizes/awards" etc. One has to provide lots and lots of proof to back the claims. It is an elaborate process of collecting all recommendations and paperwork. My lawyer claimed 8 out of the 13 categories so that even if upto 5 are rejected, we still make it. After looking at the categories, you can make a judgement as to whether you qualify for EB1 EA or not. Based on what you've written, EB1 OR seems safer. I, on the other hand, would not qualify under EB1 OR.


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          Can you post your qualifications? which Center?

          Can you post your qualifications? which Center?