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I140 by self filing NIW/EB1/EB2

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  • I140 by self filing NIW/EB1/EB2

    Hi friends,

    Would any body share your experience with me on the detail of self petetion I 140 by filing EB1/EB2 NIW.

    Thanks a lot.

    [email protected]

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    To file an NIW under the 2nd employment preference you need to prove the following:

    1) Your area of work is in the national interest

    2) It is in the national interest not to force you to go through the labor certification process (basically- your position is so important that your employer deserves to have "the best and the brightest" not just the adequate)

    3) You are so unique and outstanding at what you do that no simply adequate worker could take over your position and fill your job requirements. Specific contributions must be outlined.

    You should have at least 5 letters of reference from highly esteemed peers in your field(include their CVs in support of their letters). You should also have a long, detailed letter from your employer stating that you are exceptional and that your specific contributions are vital to the success of your project (or whatever it is you do). Even though you are technically self-petitioning, your employer's letter is still very important.

    Hope this helps!!!



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      I140 NIW

      Hi jane,

      Thank you very much for your good suggestion, I will certainly follow.

      I would appreciate very much if I could get some further detail from you, could I?
      [email protected]


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        I disagree with jane. As NIW does not have job offer as requisition, You need not have a lletter form your employer necessarily. You may want to have 8-10 letters as Jane said . Also a lot of experience helps. Recently I read 10 years continous full time. If you are in research publications are also impt.
        I hope others will tell more out of their experiences. I have learnt more form these sites than from the lawyer even though they charge dearly