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HELP!!! NIW RFE after FP!

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  • HELP!!! NIW RFE after FP!

    I filed I-485 about 18 month ago, and did fingerprint last month, now, I
    just received a letter from INS requesting evidence I am "still engaged
    in occupation on which my national interest waiver is based".

    My NIW was self-petitioned and approved when I was a Ph.D. student in Chicago,
    and since then,
    I have graduated and worked at Harvard Medical as a postdoc, and still in
    basic biomedical research, although in a different area.

    Question is: What evidence do I need to show? and How much evidence is
    sufficient? letters, publication records, what else? What is the chance to
    be rejected at this moment?

    God, I have been in this process for almost 4 years and I wish it will be
    over soon.

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    Don't worry- if you're still working in the same field as you were when your NIW was approved, you'll have no problem. Submit current letters from your peers stating that you are still making significant contributions in your field. Emphasize the contributions that you have made since having your NIW approved. Submit any articles that you have published and any articles that have either cited your work or discussed your work since having your NIW approved. The RFE should state exactly what it wants to see by ways of evidence, but I hope that this helps a little.

    Good luck!!