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Will PERM process continue when i back in India

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  • Will PERM process continue when i back in India

    Hi guys, i have a quick question. My company is still in the PERM job employer posting stage, assuming that i will receive my priority date at the time of filing my PERM application , can the PERM approval process still continue when i am asked to return back to India?. Once done can i do my I-140 filing back in India itself ?

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    YES, since perm and GC process are for a future job.
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      Thank you so much for your reply


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        Recently i spoke with my attorney they said due to COVID-19 they did not even post the job for recruitment in PERM process. I am about to reply for my L-1B visa RFE. Assume if its denied will the PERM job posting still continue and my attorney file for form 8089, if i asked to go back to my home country which is India ? Or will it be scraped ?