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PERM can continue if i go back to India

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  • PERM can continue if i go back to India

    Hi everyone !!! . Need your help. I just spoke with my attorney. I am working for my ABC US employer and assuming if my L1 extension gets denied i will be asked to go back yo ABC Indian employer. Both the employers are same but my attorney team informed me that my GC process cannot continue if i go back to India. Even if its the same employer , the attorney says it cannot process PERM and it can be done only for US employer. I am still in my PERM job advertisement stage guys. Employer is same but location is diff why my attorney tells me this way ? Am I missing something here.

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    GC is for future employment. So it does not matter where you are employed right now. Your GC application can continue even if you are not employed with the petitioner currently.
    Just an opinion; Not legal advice.


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      Ok thanks a lot