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perm rejection after audit - what could be the reason ?

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  • perm rejection after audit - what could be the reason ?

    Hi All,

    Thanks for reading my question.

    My bro applied for PERM in dec 2019 . His company filed it in december second week . Later in july 2020 he got audit notice. His attorneys resubmitted the perm with requested data on the last week of august 2020 .But due to family emergency he had to move out of USA by september first week . He relocated with his family to India in september 2020.

    Till now his attorney or company didnt disclose what reason was provided by USA officials for rejecting the perm .

    Any thoughts what it could be ? His physical presence outside country after september 2020 - could be that the issue.

    Now he is thinking of returning back to USA with the existing visa , can they do a new PERM for him immediately ?
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