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Changing location and job after approved I-140

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  • Changing location and job after approved I-140

    Hi everyone, I have an approved I-140 from my current employer. Once the 6 months after approval are over, I'm planning on changing my work location with the same employer. This will restart the PERM process. If the process restarts, will my priority date still remain the same? Am I also eligible to switch employers after moving my location, while the new PERM application is going on? Is there any risk of losing the current priority date if I leave the company while the new PERM process is going on?

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    I think there is a risk of losing priority, try to look for something on the Internet. I just don't really understand this topic.​


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      You have one excellent course of action. Start the permanent change process with the new employer, get approved for I-140, record the previous priority date, and when the date becomes current, apply for I-485. Re-join the previous employer when the priority date becomes current, and then move on to I-140. Move to Canada and avoid all this crap. I would do that because I think it's the easiest option. You can also find a job beforehand on the Sarkari Naukri message board. If you have the money, then consult a lawyer.
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        I think that all of these points should be specified in the document hiring you. Also, in theory, you have the right to quit or change employers without any problems. But in my experience it's best to just go freelance and not depend on anyone. I, for example, am a member of a delivery club and work as a courier. The beauty of it is that I have no schedule, I work when I want. I just start the courier program and start my working day. It's a great solution especially if you're a student.
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          It's great that you have an approved I-140 from your current employer. As for your questions, if the PERM process restarts, your priority date should remain the same as long as the new application is submitted within 180 days of the original PERM approval.
          Leaving your current employer while the new PERM process is ongoing could result in losing your current priority date.
          You can also consider a career in HVAC. It's a great field with a lot of opportunities, and you can find information about HVAC schools in each US state on the website about HVAC Info and Schools in each US State. It's definitely worth checking out if you're interested.​
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