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Do I need a French/Schengen Visa?

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  • Do I need a French/Schengen Visa?

    My wife is a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR), with Kenyan Citizenship/Passport. The issuing authority of the passport is "Passport Control Washington, D.C.".

    When I use the online wizard at 'france-visas.gouv.fr' to determine whether she needs a visa to travel to France (short stay, tourism), it doesn't ask for her citizenship. Instead, it's asking for the issuing authority. I am selecting USA. Consequently, the wizard says she does NOT need a visa.

    I've tried calling the Embassy in Montreal, Toronto & Ottawa - no one will answer the phone, and the option to speak to someone about visas redirects you to the website/wizard above.

    This is a secret romantic getaway, and I really don't want to make a fool out of myself after arriving in Paris. Many thanks for your response!