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  • Germany Employment Visa

    Hi All,

    I am living in USA on L1, close to the visa expiry and almost confirmed with an offer in Germany. Looking for some inputs on the visa process.

    The offer is 70k Euros and not sure how good is this for Berlin. Don't want to mention my experience as I have to comprimise on salary to start working in new country in the beginning. I good with this as long I save 1000 bucks per month. My employer doesn't process the Visa. He said he will provide all the necessary documents and rest is my pain.

    My questions -
    1) Is there a way I can get the appointment on same day for entire family. I got 2 appointments for myself and my wife but could not get it for my child. I tried to get something either side of the day but failed to get it. Child is 7 year old, not sure if he needs a seperate appointment. It is very difficult to make it couple of times as it involves some long drive during Winter and with snow around.

    2) My employer doesn't need German, he mentioned it during the interview process. But is this expected at consulate to have B level? Few experiences on google suggest this.

    3) How long the visa process takes after the Visa Interview?

    4) As I am applying for the Visa from USA, Can I land in Germany from India? I understand from my friends that I can't do this but I am not satisfied with the reason they told me. I have a plan to visit India before joining the employer in Germany. If I can't land in Germany I have to change postpone this to 6-8 months if join there.