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  • babu007
    started a topic H1B Location Change Amendment

    H1B Location Change Amendment

    I am currently working in location A where my Petition/H1B Stamping/I94 end date is on July'18. However LCA is approved for same customer up to April'2020 in location A. My company filled H1B amendment+extension for location B for same customer with a different job role and amendment+extension process...
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  • H1B VISA Status in "Amended notice was mailed" state.

    My employer had filed an H1B petition on the year 2014 and it got approved and it is stamped in the same year. But in the USCIS case status tracker, my status of H1B is still showing as "Amended notice was mailed" on August 2014.

    Now a new employer is doing an H1B transfer and...
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  • poornacse
    started a topic H1B Amendment

    H1B Amendment

    I have H1B with employer A which is valid till sept 2016. I had my LCA filed for state B and it had address with city C mentioned in it. I used to work at a client location which is different from that address but its in same city. Both the addresses (the one on LCA and the client location...
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  • Vikrants
    started a topic H1-B Amendment Processing Time

    H1-B Amendment Processing Time


    I have one question, that, how much time does USCIS takes to approve the H1-B Amendment petition on regular time frame and in premium category.

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  • Is H1B amendment same as H1B extension?

    Hi , I got H1B in 2012 quota for one year until Sep 30,2014. But Due budget concerns I had to find new client.I am working at the new client for the past 3 months.So, If I apply for H1B amendment with new client does USCIS asks any documents from the former client.My H1B already started from this Oct...
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