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H1B Location Change Amendment

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  • H1B Location Change Amendment

    I am currently working in location A where my Petition/H1B Stamping/I94 end date is on July'18. However LCA is approved for same customer up to April'2020 in location A. My company filled H1B amendment+extension for location B for same customer with a different job role and amendment+extension process is in progress with USCIS. I also have a new LCA for location B. I like to know:

    1. How long I can continue working in location A for same employer and same customer?
    2. If my company loose the position in location B and I have to continue working in location A then do they need to file amendment again to location A?
    3. If my company file amendment again (Point 2 is Yes) what will happen for current amendment+extension process?