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  • Waitingforevercali
    started a topic L1B to H1B conversion

    L1B to H1B conversion

    Need suggestion regarding my situation (lengthy writing but a stressful situation for me ):

    I am on L1B and my L1B will max out in DEC-2021 (complete 5 years).

    My L1B expired in APRIL-2021 and I applied for L1B extension in March-2021 for the months pending for max out. I haven't...
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  • Cancelling Pending L2 Application to take up Job on H1B in next 15 days

    Dear Forum Members,

    Request your expert guidance on below situation.

    I am currently on L1A visa and my wife was previously working on H1B visa till 3-Apr-2018 (Quit the job on H1B due to unforeseen reasons) with H1B stamped till 2020. My L1A extension was filed on 1-May...
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  • Sriram VS
    started a topic L1A to H1B Conversion

    L1A to H1B Conversion

    Hi Guys,

    I am currently in US with L1A Visa. I would like to convert the same to H1B Visa this year. if I'm not wrong, I need to file my application by April with a H1B Sponsor for me to convert the visa. However, I'm travelling to India for 3 months from April to June. Will that affect...
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  • search.acc
    started a topic L1B to H1B Conversion

    L1B to H1B Conversion

    I am employed with a company on L1B visa and visa is valid till March, 2014. I want to get it converted to H1B in April, 2013, if I get a sponsor.

    Considering that I get a H1B visa sponsor and I get L1B converted to H1B, I have following queries:

    1) When the H1B would be...
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  • krisnawins
    started a topic L2 EAD to H1B...Is it worth it?

    L2 EAD to H1B...Is it worth it?

    My spouse is on L1 and I am on L2 EAD. I am already working in the US for the past 1 year. Consultants have been approaching asking me if I would like to get onto H1B.

    I have few concerns -
    1. Is it worth it? On L2 EAD I dont need any sponsorship.
    2. My spouse's...
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