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  • SAPB
    started a topic I 140 pending and L1A expiring. What to do?

    I 140 pending and L1A expiring. What to do?


    I filed for I 140 from a EB1C on March 2019.

    Answered RFE on March 2020 and after 177 days still no answer.

    My L1A expires on 21st October and USCIS said that will be replying my case until November 14th.

    I’m on a dilemma between doing AOS...
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  • potdar.harshal
    started a topic I-140 Approval Copy by G639

    I-140 Approval Copy by G639

    I asked a question to [email protected] to specifically need only I140 approval copy, in return my mail their repose is
    USCIC FOIA mail response mail.

    "The records retention policy changed in 2015 for the I-797 receipts of I-140?s. They are no longer required...
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  • rohan2now
    started a topic Help with I-140 and job change.

    Help with I-140 and job change.


    My spouse and I have an unusual problem and we unfortunately haven't been able to find any consensus on this matter.

    I work at Location A and possess an H1B visa (extended, valid till 2019) while my wife works at Location B also on an H1B visa. Her GC process is...
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  • Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf --DS160

    Hello everyone,

    I am on H1B visa working in Chicago. I will be going to India for my visa stamping in December. I have started filling out the DS 160 as I want to book my appointment date ASAP. I have a question regarding what to answer for
    "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant...
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  • Question on I140

    I'm right now with an Indian company 'A' (on permanent role)and my max 6 yrs are going to complete on H1B by July 17 2016. ComPany 'A' didn't filed for GC. I approached company 'B' (small consulting company)which they initiated and filed PERM on June 30 2015.Now I have my case approved and...
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  • H1B renewal after 6 years while ETA 9089/I 140 is being processed

    Hi All,

    My H1 B max out date is Jan 2017. My company is processing my ETA 9089 and hopefully would do my I 140 (premium) by that time frame. In case my ETA 9089/ I 140 is not approved by then, would I loose my H1B status altogether? Can I stay until the end of the max out date, go out...
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  • I 140 Receipt number received Change Employer

    Hello Everyone

    Apologies if this has been discussed earlier..

    My I 140 was received by USCIS on February 16, 2016. I got my receipt number.. I got a better job offer and would like to move.

    1. What would be the impact on the I 140 process for me. Would...
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  • H1B Extension with I-140 Approved But Employer Changed

    I started working with Company XYZ in April 2014.

    1. I have been in US on H1B Visa from October 2008 onwards.
    2. My Previous Company had started my green card filing, and I had received I-140 Approval in July 2011.
    3. Previous Company has not withdrawn the I-140 application....
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  • What if I have I-140 Approved and on L1, can I change the employer?

    I have my I-140 approved and thinking to change my employer. Can I-140 be transferred to the new employer without any risks? Does the new employer have to file H1B?
    What if the current employer revokes I-140 and I have completed my 6 years in US, do I have to go back to my country?
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  • rbd
    started a topic Changing status from L1B to H1B, while I140 is pending

    Changing status from L1B to H1B, while I140 is pending

    Will change of status from L1B to H1B impact my pending I-140?
    And, way I move from L1B to H1B is by traveling to my home country and got H1B stamped.
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  • Possible i - 140 denial .. Labor approved..urgent help!!!

    hello all, I am on my sixth year h1-b expiring on 17th sept 2013. I recent got my labor approved and was preparing the i-140 application with my lawyer. I did my masters here in US graduated 2006 and since then I have been working for the same company as of current. I was going to apply for my i-140...
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  • ptk
    started a topic H1B stamping

    H1B stamping

    My wife is in Phillipines for a business trip with a renowned company. After her 2 weeks of work she went for H1 stamping y'day at Phillipines -US consulate. Unfortunately, it dint go well. Officer asked her GC petition and approval. Her I 140 is already approved. Visa officer said that he needs some...
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  • Does USCIS contact past employers during I-140 Process Stage ?

    The reason why I am asking this question is because,my previous employer wanted to do my GC provided I take a pay cut.
    The salary after the pay cut was not financially viable for the survival of my family in US.
    They were mad at me when I submitted my resignation letter and some how wanted...
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  • amoljoge
    started a topic H1 transfer after I 140 approved???

    H1 transfer after I 140 approved???

    Hi there,
    I have a query regarding my H1 transfer and GC process. My friend sugggested your name and said you are the best in such cases...
    I work for company A. I came in USA in April 2007 on L1 visa with them and then they converted it to H1 in Oct 2011. My max out date is Apr 2013...
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