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    how should I get to know whether my profile has been verified or not? not sure actually
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    Default Work authorization ?

    Please i came into the us with a b2 visa and after my 6month i got married and my i-130 as been approved and am ask to apply for i-485 to change my status and green card but presently am not working so i wanted to ask can i apply for i-765 work authorization to get a job or i must pay for the i-485 ? Kindly advice me please.

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    Default I797 C Notice of Action- Incomplete name

    Hi all,
    I received I 797 C(Notice of Action) and i realized my name is incomplete. My First name is 3 words and total more than 18 letters. So, i am guessing they weren't able to put my complete name due to length. 3 letters of third word in first name are cut. Will it be a problem for my STEM extension? Do i have to do something? Please advise thank you!

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    Default What to do if Visa revoked on F1 Opt Extension based on arrest ?

    I am on F1 Opt extension and I got arrested on criminal charge on 13th Dec, got released and my court date is in 1st week of February. I received an email from Delhi consulate that

    Dear XXX,
    This message is being sent to inform you that the non-immigrant U.S. visa which you currently hold has been revoked in accordance with the United States Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The visa is no longer considered valid for travel to the United States. Following the interview at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi and the subsequent issuance of the visa, additional information became available that indicates you may no longer be eligible for the visa issued. If you desire to travel to the U.S. you must apply for a new visa, at which time your eligibility for the visa will be reviewed and the application adjudicated accordingly.

    Consular Information Unit
    U.S. Embassy, New Delhi

    My F1 Opt extension is valid till Aug 15th 2020 and I and my lawyer both are confident that case will get dismissed as no crime is envolved. What should I do for immigration ? Can it be re instated to f1 status if on opt extension ? and how long this whole process will take ?, any help advice appreciated !

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    Default Hi

    I had my initial interview for my husband I485 and when we got to 26 Federal Plaza they did no have my husband file in that office they told us that the office that had his file did not send it to them is that something that happened to anyone before? please reply.


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