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    Default What is self attest?

    I am a naturalized US citizen and applying for OCI card for myself , my spouse and my kids (US born).

    I am planning to include a copy of my current passport, copy of naturalization certificate and copy of my expired Indian passport. The OCI documentation says the documents should be self attest.
    1. What does self attest mean? Can anyone post self attest language here?
    2. Do all the copies need to be self attested or do they need to be notarized?
    3. Is the above documentation sufficient for spouse (India born but immigrated as an infant, therefore no Indian passport however naturalization certificate states India as place of birth).
    4. Is my above documentation sufficient for kids or do I need to Include copies of their grandparent's Indian passport.

    Thanks much for all help.

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    Read http://www.immihelp.com/nri/overseascitizenshipindia/ All the questions you asked are already answered there.
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    Self Attest means signing the photocopy yourself.

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    Default which pages needs to be attested

    Did you have to attest all the pages in the Copy set or just the initial page of the set


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    Default self attested true copy of original document and put singature below (verified )

    at the bottom of each copy submitted, you can Write "Self Attested",
    and put signature below.

    it only implies that you have verified the original document with the relative copy being
    sent, and self attested meaning verified by the person who signs below "self Attested".
    true copy of original document-verified. Put signature below & is all done need not be notorized.

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    This is one of those ridiculous words/phrases that the Indian government still uses. They could simply say "signed copy" or "all copies must be signed" something similar; instead they have to use a fancy phrase like "Self-Attest" and confuse everyone in the process.

    What does the signing a photocopy accomplish anyway?

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