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  • Develop Android applications and publish

    Couple of questions, different scenarios.

    Senario: 1) I've developed Android application, Im planning to publish it next month. But, I know it is illegal to do business here in USA with H1B visa. Can we publish an app into market place without having to monetize on it?

    Senario 2) If I have to monetize on the App, can I register a company in INdia and run it from there?(so, development + maintenance etc., will be done here in US). Should I even register a company to monetize on the Android app?

    What are my options? Thanks.

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    Android apps development is very popular business from last 5 years and many people are doing this business across the globe. If you want to sell your android app development services for US clients then you just must registered a small single office in US. You have an option to open big functional office in India and run your business from India to coordinate with US office.


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      I was really surprised with the fact that it isn't that easy to find a reliable android app development company and I had to waste about a month before I contacted and we started bringing my ideas to life. There are a lot of developers out there but the majority of them can handle only some simple and basic tasks.