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  • Starting new business


    I want to start new business of tech support in US. Give some suggestions how to open it?

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    Ok i just understand but the thing is are you looking to open a product based company or service based..


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      Immigration Consultant Business Requirements

      Hi, I would like to open my own business as an Immigration Consultant and I've been calling multiple companies and no one will answer my questions.

      Can anyone fill out immigration papers or does it require certification or a degree?




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        Is topic starter US-resident or not?


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          Even I am interested in starting own business and have been doing thorough research. Once I get all my answers, would love to share some tips here.


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            Many people think that when you want to start a business, the tough moments are website creating, hiring people, looking for a place to settle but those are quite easy, to get a website you can hire https://www.digihorde.com/services/w...ment-services/ , recruitment and office rental also won't be a problem, there are some handy online services for seekers but bureaucracy is the real problem which takes much time and effort.


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              Thanks for sharing your experience!
              To be honest, I'm thinking about having an app. And I figured out that it would be much profitable to hire a mobile app development company for this issue.


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                Hello guy's how r u inshalla all is well. I have. Seen this man video I have personal experience about one country about business it's very helpfull to explore new destination for business.


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                  Open up your site, hopefully it'll be professional and mobile-friendly with some decent SEO and user-friendly design and a call to ation; and use Ecwid and do your banking wherever you wish. Open a bank account in your country, use your currency, and do it well.

                  Focus on decent profit margins, providing a service that there is a strong need for, and being the best.

                  My website
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